The wine storehouse

Rosé wines
Rosé wines are wines said about blood-letting (maceration duration in accordance with wished colouring of the juices). Then, they are converted into wine at low temperature (16 to 18 °) in separate tubs. For the "Vintage Camille ", the wine making is made in new oak barrel for two in three months.


Red wines
They are traditionally sprayed. After fermentation, the maceration of “moûts” (not fermented grape juices) with the pulp and the skin can last of one in three weeks according to years and according to the wished qualities. The "Vintage Charlotte" ages in oak barrel during 24 months.


White wines
White wines arise from a direct pressure and from a wine making with low temperature (16 in 18 °). For the "Vintage Vallat Sablou ", the wine making is made in new barrels on dregs with “bâtonnage” (to hand in suspension dregs in a wine) during three months.